Philip Vassallo, Ed.D.

Writing Management, Design, Instruction, and Assessment


Philip Vassallo understands the struggles that managers and employees face and the strategies they need to employ in delivering polished presentations. He has designed his courses to support administrative, technical, and sales professionals faced with the challenging task of communicating on demand in dynamic work situations.

He offers classroom, computer-lab, and virtual classroom versions of communication skills courses adapted to the individual's and company's needs. His programs minimize lecture time, provide personalized feedback, and engender learning which is enjoyable, interactive, collaborative, challenging, and meaningful.

Pre-course planning with the client ensures a course designed to meet each participant's needs. Included are customized assessments for each course. Pre- and post- course individual communication coaching are available. He also works with clients to establish company-wide communication standards and to deliver their own communication training.

To suit learners' educational needs, Philip Vassallo, Ed.D. offers all programs in various versions:
  • 12-week semester-long courses
  • 1/2-day to 8-day in-person workshops
  • 1/2-day to 3-day virtual synchronous workshops
  • 1-hour to 2-hour webinars
  • 1.5 hour asynchronous courses
  • 10-minute asynchronous nanocourses