Philip Vassallo, Ed.D.

Writing Management, Design, Instruction, and Assessment


Philip Vassallo, Ed.D.

Philip Vassallo, Ed.D. has provided comprehensive communication consulting to over 25,000 employees across diverse professional disciplines. His services include teaching and coaching in writing and presentation skills, designing interactive courses, assessing professional writing, and writing or editing for numerous organizations. He holds a B.A. in English (Baruch College), an M.S. in education (Lehman College), and a doctorate in educational theory (Rutgers University).

Course Instruction – Phil has taught on the undergraduate and graduate levels since 1977, most recently as a faculty member of the Beijing International MBA program. He has led, coached, and supervised in-person and online communication training programs to executive, administrative, managerial, supervisory, financial, scientific, and technical professionals. 

Course Design – Phil has designed over 100 classroom courses, 10 live online courses, and 50 webinars for industries such as advertising, architectural, aviation, banking, education, engineering, entertainment, environmental science, financial consulting, food, healthcare, insurance, law enforcement, legal, medical research, military, petroleum, pharmaceutical, publishing, retail, social services, technology, telecommunication, and transportation.

Writing Assessment – Phil evaluated essays and speeches for the Educational Testing Service on standardized tests such as the GRE, GMAT, CLEP, and TSE. He has assessed the writing and presentations of many employees, from nonnative speakers to executives of multinational firms. His review work includes articles, audit reports, business plans, causal analyses, executive briefings, instructions, justifications, lab reports, manuals, market overviews, meeting summaries, policies, proposals, résumés, slide decks, speeches, test reports, and trip reports.

Writing and Editing – Phil is the author of three instructional books: How to Write Fast Under Pressure, The Art of E-Mail Writing, and The Art of On-the-Job Writing. He writes the highly regarded blog Words on the Line, on effective writing. More than 100 of his articles on writing have appeared in professional, literary, scholarly, and educational publications. He has edited high-profile reports for the US government and NYC Mayor’s Office. Phil also reviewed books for McGraw-Hill, St. Martin’s Press, and Simon & Schuster. As a dramatist, he has had 21 of his plays published or produced in New York City or elsewhere.

Community Service – Phil received grants from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, New Jersey State Library, and Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission for playwriting, publishing a community resource, and presenting innovative arts programs. He volunteered on several educational advisory committees and municipal boards, contributed to New Jersey’s Quality Education Committee report, and appeared on television, radio, and webcasts in support of education. He is a past president of the New Jersey College English Association.